Andy Tanas

"Songs From The New South"

     Andy Tanas is a remarkable musician that many have heard before but may not have realized the overall talent of this singer-songwriter. He has played and sang with Black Oak Arkansas and Krokus. He has performed in many movie and recording sessions. This new release highlights his talent as a songwriter, vocalist, bassist and guitarist as well as showing off the music magic of his backing band. Andy takes special care in the liner notes to inform you that this recording is real music--no Pro Tools used to enhance their ability to perform [an amazing edit capacity in this recording program allows many musicians to do things they could not really play outside the studio]. No tricks, just hard playing and talent in this group.

take me back to music...

     The CD opens with a country influenced rocker, "Just Another Heartache". Gretchen Priest adds fiddle to a solid backing of Hank Shipman [crunch guitar], Cody Dickinson on drums, and Andy on bass and guitar. Andy has a unique voice with lots of emotion and drive.

     "Tennessee Girl " is a rocker with a solid bass line backing a duet of thick guitar supported by solid drumming. Andy tells the story of a girl from Tennessee who turned his life into a search for the one night stand who took his heart.

     Remember the great songs of the 60's that told stories about young romance like "Last Kiss" or "Dead Man's Curve"? Imagine these updated to our current times with the expertise of Andy's terrific sound.. You can hear just that with the tuneful rock story, "Crying Angel".

     Andy shows his acoustic guitar skills and solo abilities as he tells the story of "The Southern Side Of Me." With the addition of a nice pair of fiddle augmentations you can enjoy a great composition and a near solo performance by Andy.

     The heavy and yet mysterious sounding "Rowdy" confesses the scheme of a hard working man to unwind and get away from his daily grind. Andy struts the beat with the bass and guitar while Hank turns out a great crunchy guitar background. Cody's drums set a mean beat. Get ready to hit the repeat button!

     "Typical Male" offers up a country rocking treat. Mandolin and acoustic guitar mesh to a marching drum beat with everything influenced by bluegrass and country.

     Another favorite, "Her Own Little World", is a great story about a girl who could have been a country star but is now a street dweller. But in her mind she still hears the music.

     Andy is a powerful performer, an excellent songwriter, a brilliant guitarist and bassist, and has a powerful and unique voice. This new release is a must have in my collection and will receive many repeat listens. Take time to check out Andy's website and pick up "Songs From The New South". ~