big as his most recognized work.

     The CD kicks off with a foot stomping bar room tune, Honky Tonk Angels, where Hank dives in with a fervor. On this tune as well as the whole album, the backing musicians are first class. Pounding piano and slick guitar combined with excellent production will invite you to listen carefully to capture every nuance. Something Unseen is a beautiful ballad where Hank describes his frustration with a love who is pulled away from him. The song features the fiddle work of Walt Cunningham also featured on backing piano. Hanks voice delivers the goods with the help of backing vocalist Kathy Lee Jarrell.

     Hank Cochran and country music are veritable synonyms. As one looks back over Hank's contribution to the country music art form, the realization comes that country music would not have been the same without his work. "Livin' For A Song" is Hank's brand new release. It is subtitled "A Songwriter's Autobiography" since it spans a body of work that delivers favorites of Hank's written at various points in his life as well as other of Hank's favorite songs. Amazingly the songs are none of the hits recorded by the many other artists that have been rewarded with hits performing Hank's most famous work. Nonetheless, you will realize you are listening to a treasure trove of great songs--anyone could have been just as

     I Fell Apart has a tight rhythm created by the acoustic steel string guitar work of Mike Baker, drummer Mark Beckett, and bassist David Roe allowing the moaning steel guitar work of Jimmy Vest to stand out and complement Hank's voice. He Little Thinged Her is a personal favorite requiring several repeats before moving to the next song every time I listen. In it Hank tells the story of losing a love to the little things presented to her by another suitor. It has a hit of legendary status written all over it in my book [I'm listening again as I write--grin]!

     Nobodys Fool has a bouncy country twang with Hank revealing his story telling voice. Solo acoustic, electric and steel guitar solos let the musician's stretch out a bit and you are rewarded with tasty and precise instrumental breaks. You Wouldn't Know Love is a lamenting story of how the woman he loves has no recognition of love. Hank warms the tune with his impassioned voice recollecting all his sorrow.

      In the shuffling tune You Let Me Down, Hank recalls how alone he is in the time of his greatest need with his lover's broken promise of always being with him. Ouch--you can feel his pain! Magic In The Band invites the listener to understand the band's enthusiasm when playing out. He advises that it is not the alcohol, it is the music!

     When Cotton Was King is a story--part spoken, part sung about the old days where times were more certain and times were simpler. Sometimes Mississippi is a tune co written by Hank, Kirk Roth, and John Roth that recalls a man's past and compares it to the Mississippi river that always calls to him. The Pen is a challenging song that asks who will be the next brave enough to use the pen to write the stories that they have to tell. You can feel the weight of a songwriters pen as Hank tells this story. I'm Going Home is a old-time sounding tune with Hank telling the story of looking forward to going back to his home to down south where the pace and the life are more suited to his style.

     What A Beautiful Woman describes the joy a man has for the love of his life. He describes himself as the luckiest man alive. This one was penned by Jim Vest. Living For A Song is the title track for this album. In this slow country ballad Hank tells the story of his songwriting. It is a passionate song about the life that a songwriter lives.

     Hank is the king of country song and source of many songs we measure country music by. This is simply a must have CD in your collection. Hank delivers every minute you listen!

Hank and Willie at a 4th of July outing

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