Music from the Heart--Good for the Soul

I had the privilege of enjoying the PINERS live at Schubas in Chicago, IL. I was there to hear the band that they were opening for and had decided to come early and see and hear what the PINERS were all about.

I was in for a treat. The PINERS are a unique blend of country, folk, blues, and story telling that I hate to categorize simply because I wouldn't want to label them in a way that would prevent a reader of this review from seeking them out to listen to. I enjoyed them on many levels. They are excellent musicians, fun to listen to, enjoyable to watch and they draw their audience into their performance.

Haakon Kallweit, Pip Walter and Boo Cowie provide the close harmony vocals. Boo's voice is distinctive and yet reminiscent of the folk and country star Emmylou Harris. Combined with Haakon and Pip's voices the PINERS are simply a treat for your ears.

Accompanied by drums, percussion, guitar [acoustic and electric], stand-up bass, violin, and mandolin, they pick and croon their way to your heart. Their debut CD is a recorded treasure and will be one that I will find myself listening to over and over. If you have the chance to see them live, plan to enjoy a great performance. At the very least, pick up on their CD and have fun! Everyone I play it for is amazed at the sound and the performance. Visit their website for tour information and their CD.

The PINERS say hello from the "Pollenator" in Pittsburgh PA.

Say, the club owners in Pittsburgh are a rough bunch! Just kidding, the FB's were playing too.

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